UniLeeds app (including check-in)

UniLeeds (University of Leeds app) is available for Apple and Android devices.

Thousands of students already use the UniLeeds app on their mobile devices to stay up to date with their timetables, the library and sports bookings.

Check-in suspension

A decision has been taken to suspend digital attendance monitoring from 20th January 2017.

Although digital check-in worked for most students, the university is not satisfied with the overall quality of the system. The university is currently in the process of developing new functionality to ensure that the system works well for all students. The university will re-launch check-in from September 2017, and may ask for your help to test it before then. However, in the meantime the university will revert to paper-based systems for registering attendance for the remainder of this academic session. The university is extremely grateful for your engagement feedback on the system last semester. This was very valuable and has informed the new developments which are now in progress.

UniLeeds app

Only the check-in feature is disabled. Your personal timetable and all other app functionality continues to operate normally.

Please note: You may continue to receive notifications on your device for activities in your timetable, these will subside as the timetable data stored in your device expires.

UniLeeds App features

  • Check-in (currently suspended, please register attendance via sign in sheets)
  • Personal timetable
  • Library record
  • Library catalogue
  • Campus maps
  • Computer cluster availability
  • help@leeds
  • Staff directory search
  • Leeds University Union
  • Latest University news and events
  • Loan Laptop Availability (IT Service Desk)
  • Sports bookings
  • Access to Leeds for Life