Using cloud computing services

This document relates to the use of cloud services for data storage, similar to how M and N network drives are used. It does not relate to applications which may store data in the cloud.

Only cloud storage services which have been approved by the University and which are listed below may be used for storing data which contains:

  • Classified or personal data (see definition in the Information Protection Policy);
  • valuable intellectual property of the University (on which further advice can be sought from the Legal Adviser).

Highly Confidential data (see definition in the Information Protection Policy) must be encrypted before storing in a cloud.

Please note that non-University approved cloud services should also never be used for the storage of data which is of such criticality that functions or operations would be disrupted should it be lost or become unavailable or corrupted.

University approved cloud services 

  • Microsoft Office 365 for email 
  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business and SharePoint

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