Using Dropbox and other cloud computing services

The University is currently considering its policy regarding the use of 'cloud computing services', such iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft (Azure, BPOS and SPLA), Amazon (AWS, S3 and EC2) and Google (Google Apps).

Only cloud services which have been approved by the University and which are listed below may be used for storing or processing data which is: 

  • classified and confidential;
  • valuable intellectual property of the University (on which further advice can be sought from the Legal Adviser).

If you wish to use other cloud services and any of your data falls into either of the above categories, please seek advice from the University’s IT Security Co-ordinator or the Legal Advisor before subscribing to them.

Please note that non-University approved cloud services should also never be used for the storage of data which is of such criticality that functions or operations would be disrupted should it be lost or become unavailable or corrupted.

Please remember that Outlook Web Access and the University's Desktop Anywhere service (Citrix) are provided for secure access to University emails and data, and these services should be used wherever possible to access University computer resources from off campus. 

University approved cloud services 

  • Microsoft Office 365 for email (Exchange online)
  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business  

Kevin Darley, University IT Security Co-ordinator, University of Leeds (updated September 2015)