Banner Signatories based in Faculties, Schools and Central Services.

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Biological Sciences
Education Social Sciences & Law
Mathematics & Physical Sciences
Medicine & Health
Performance, Visual Arts & Communications

Central Offices

School / Office Signatories
Faculty wide Dave Baldwin
Jenny Hamlin
English John Whale
Nicola Wildman
History Simon Hill
Esther Burton
Languages, Cultures and Societies (includes Classics and The Language Centre) Matthew Treherne
Karen Charlesworth
Philosophy, Religion & History of Science (includes IDEA) Graeme Gooday
Roz Walsh
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Biological Sciences
School / Office Signatories
Faculty wide John Ladbury
Claire Smith
SES Taught Andrew Hollins
SES Assessment Lyndsay Reid
SES Graduate Lucy Parker
SES Quality Assurance & Programme Support Shareen Kininmonth
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School / Office Signatories
Faculty wide Peter Moizer
Angela Tattam
Rachael Howden
Admissions Susan Waterson
Assessment Deborah Blake
Enhancement and Innovation Catherine Wilkinson
Graduate School Susan Bain
Quality Assurance Victoria West
Student Opportunity Tracey Wilman
Student Support Laura Clarke
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Education, Social Sciences & Law
School / Office Signatories
Faculty wide Jeremy Higham
Michael Byde
Claire Ballantyne
Sue Long
Sue Haines
Rachael Taylor
Debbie Westmoreland
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School / Office Signatories
Faculty wide Peter Jimack
Louise Powell
Anne Hayler
Emily Timsom
Jessica Christie
Rachel Cox
Simon Welsh
Noemy Ellis Martin
Rebecca Whitaker
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School / Office Signatories
Faculty wide Andrew Dougill
Clare Ingle
Anne Tallontire
Jo Moran
Earth & Environment Simon Bottrell
Geography Robert Vanderbeck
Transport Studies Richard Batley
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Mathematics & Physical Sciences
School / Office Signatories
Faculty wide Steve Scott
Louise Powell
Chemistry Steve Marsden
Victoria Burrett
Food Science & Nutrition Mike Morgan
Clare Lewis
Mathematics Alistair Rucklidge
Louise Feaviour
Physics & Astronomy Helen Gleeson
Jennifer Oakley
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Medicine & Health
School / Office Signatories
Faculty wide Paul Stewart
Terry Owens
Mitch Waterman
Anne-Marie Knaggs
Healthcare Zoe Gilchrist
Sarah Hawksworth
Dentistry Jim Brierley
Naomi Tickhill
Frances Clement
Medicine Sarah Drewery
Colin Avison
Vicky Jordan
Nikki Houseman
Ellen Goodison
Ann Gaunt
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Performance, Visual Arts & Communications
School / Office Signatories
Faculty wide David Cooper
Richander Birkinshaw
Luke Windsor
Kim Broughton-Roe
Vicky Burrett
Nicki Sapiro
Cathryn Reardon
Judith Simpson
Helen Dyson
Design Chris Carr
Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies Abigail Harrison-Moore
Media & Communication Bethany Klein
Music Karen Burland
Performance & Cultural Industries Alice O'Grady
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Central Services
Service / Office Signatories
Alumni Michelle Calvert
Jayne Glennon
Fridey Cordingley
Rob Spencer
Phil Steel
Finance Alan Thomson
Peter Muller
Nicola Price
Information Technology Karl Grocock
Mark Britchford
Jim Ollerhead
Leeds University Library Bo Middleton
Michael Thomas
Leeds University Union Aidan Grills
Nick Barker
Lifelong Learning Centre Tony Ellis
Pat Dixon
Organisational Development and Professional Learning Ann Meredith
Gerard Aylward
Residential & Commercial Services Ian Robertson
Heather Sugden
Kevin Stephenson
Secretariat David Wardle
Security Malcolm Dawson
Andrew Gordon-Platt
Sport & Physical Activity Suzanne Glavin
Gareth Dickson
Sally Popplewell
William Patterson
Strategic Marketing Service wide Martin Holmes
Admissions Lisa Summers
Educational Engagement Richard Kemp
Educational Management Louise Banahene
International Marketing Development Jacqui Brown
TP Admissions Sarah Whiteley
Sofia Hepworth
UG Admissions Graham Rees
Strategy & Planning Tina Egan
Andrew McKie
Judith Gaunt
Student Operations Service wide Catherine Lorigan
PG Research & Operations Catherine Mills
Leanne Carr
Sarah Throp
Programmes & Assessment Alice Hornostaj
Tessa Mobbs
Sharron Murphy
Quality Assurance Jenny Lyon
Student Finance & Counter Services Abi Shearsmith
Alison Jackson
Renato Pallassini
Sarah Fabron
Student Opportunity Service wide Robert Partridge
Careers Centre Jane Campbell
Caroline Shingles
Digital Learning Team Neil Morris
Disabled Students’ Assessment & Support Christopher Warrington
Simon Morris
International Student Office Christopher Warrington
Student Counselling Christopher Warrington
Student Learning & Enhancement David Gardner
Student Placement Greg Miller
Study Abroad Office Greg Miller
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