Application for administrative access to IT Windows Servers

This form must be completed by anyone requesting administrative rights to a server or application managed by the IT Windows Server Team. A prerequisite is to have requested a separate account from IT User Administration for the purpose of administrative access. This can be done by completing a yellow form which can be obtained from the IT Service Desk.

  1. The applicant will download, print and complete the administrative access form from the IT website. They will also complete a new user account form to request a UOL (University of Leeds) account.
  2. Applicant sends administrative access form to Faculty IT Manager/Dean of Faculty for authorisation.
  3. Application sends approved administrative access form and new account form to IT User Administration.
  4. IT User Administration creates the UOL account and passes administrative access form to the Windows Server Service Leader for review.
  5. Once the form has been reviewed, the IT Windows Server team will send an email to the applicant, Faculty IT Manager, IT Security Coordinator and IT Windows Server Service Leader confirming that the request a) has been approved and access setup or b) the request has been declined.
  6. The administrative access form will be passed to IT User Administration to be retained. On a yearly basis, IT User Administration will pass forms back to the IT Windows Server Team for the access to be reviewed.