Protect your electronic identity

What's covered

  • Always use a screen-saver with password protection.
  • Watch-out for 'shoulder-surfers' in public places.
  • Always log-off (don't just close a Web browser).
  • Don't allow others to use your computer session.
  • Don't click on links unless you're confident of their safety.
  • Watch out for pretend web-sites ('spoofing') and scams.
  • Ensure good 'session management' to keep your identity safe.


When you are logged onto the Internet all activity attributed to your user account concerns your 'electronic identity'. Anyone using a computer session opened by you assumes your electronic identity.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing criminal activities in the UK so take care not to disclose your confidential data over an insecure link or to a site that you do not fully trust. If you are in any doubt double click on the 'padlock symbol' or check that https:// is displayed at the start of the URL (web address) and confirm that the certificate matches the name of the site.
Ensure data is safe