Desktop Anywhere access policies

Access policies have been approved by University senior officers and the Information Security Group. They are in place to control what users can do with certain categories of data when accessed via the service.

  • Central Administration users are unable to save data locally from any application.
  • SAP, Banner and Raisers Edge users outside Central Administration will be unable to save data locally from SAP, Banner and Raisers Edge, but will be able to save data locally from other applications.
  • ALL SAP and Banner users cannot print to local client printers (SAP based network printing is still allowed) when using SAP and Banner only.

These policies apply whether you access the service remotely from off-campus, the University wi-fi or from on-campus via your work PC.

These policies have been implemented to minimise risk and to prevent users who access corporate systems from inadvertently caching potentially sensitive data on privately owned computers, or saving such data to the hard disk without considering the potential wider implications.