Use of Computer Systems policy

This policy applies to everyone who uses University computing facilities.

The numbers in brackets refer to the section in the full policy, which is available as a PDF


  • All users of University computing facilities (1.2)

Policy Requirements – Use of University Computing Systems

  • You may only use University computing systems if you are authorised to do so, and only using your own (or officially shared) user account. (2.1)
  • The use of University computer systems must be in accordance with the law, JANET Policies and University Information Security Policies, Standards and Codes of Practice. (2.2)
  • The University accepts no liability for direct or consequential losses or loss of data or delays associated with the use of its computing systems.(2.3)

Policy – Internet & Web and Email Usage

  • Access to facilities is granted subject to compliance with legal requirements, behavioural standards and specified responsibilities. (3.2)
  • University IS/IT facilities must not be used for, or in connection with activities which could result in legal action or civil proceedings being mounted against either an individual, the University, or both. (3.3)
  • Users must obtain formal permission before using University computer resources for any work which is funded by any person or organisation outside the University or on any consultancy basis. (3.4)
  • Additional restrictions apply to students concerning connection to the residence network. (3.5)
  • Creators of websites are accountable for content compliance with relevant legislation and policy (3.6)
  • The University can monitor the activities of computer system users within the framework of the law. (3.7)
  • Reasonable personal use of email and internet by staff is allowed at the discretion of the dean or head of school/service. (3.8)
  • It may be necessary for the University to access email folders and file stores occasionally during periods of unexpected staff absence. (3.9)
  • The sending of bulk emails is only permitted with the correct authority and under defined controls. (3.10)
  • Suspected computer crime and misuse, including excessive personal use of facilities will be investigated. (3.11)

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