Course Booking Information

Before booking a course please read the following information:

  1. Read the course content and the topics covered to ensure that the course is right for you.
  2. Check that you meet the pre-requisites as you will be asked to demonstrate these skills. If you do not posses the appropriate pre-requisite skills you may be asked to leave the course.
  3. The IT courses are popular and places fill up quickly, however they are run regularly and you can ask to join the waiting list if a course is full.
  4. Don't attend all the courses at once, spread them out over a few months. Practice the techniques between the courses to build your knowledge gradually.
  5. Try to arrange the course to coincide with your research plan, e.g. attend the Word courses when you are ready to start writing your transfer report or build the chapters of your thesis. Try the Excel, SPSS & NVivo courses when you have collected data and are ready to start analysing the information.
  6. There is a high demand for the IT courses and priority is given to those who have not attended the course before. If you need to repeat a course you will not be guaranteed a place.
  7. You'll need to provide a departmental account number when completing your booking form.
    Unfortunately your application will be rejected if you don't include the account number.
  8. When you book a training course, you'll get an automated email confirming that your request has been submitted. This email does not guarantee you a place. You'll receive a confirmation of your booking from the IT Training Unit. If you don't receive a confirmation message within 3 days, please contact

List of IT training courses for researchers