Online course information (coursefinder)

Coursefinder uses Jadu, a content management system, to maintain undergraduate and postgraduate online course information.

Information held in Coursefinder is the responsibility of the relevant Marketing team and any content must be signed off by the Marketing team – or in certain circumstances a delegated colleague – before it can be made live. Further details on this are provided in the guidance documents below.


You can request a place on one of our regular training sessions by emailing

In addition to the above, local marketing teams can provide a basic level of training to new users who need access to the system. This will allow users to access and use the system, with the expectation that they then attend the next available scheduled training session. Further details on this process can be found below.


Coursefinder processes

To help users navigate some of the common processes and issues, we have included below some step by step guidance.

Adding a new course

In addition to the process outlined above for adding a new course, you will need to request that a new course is added to coursefinder by filling in the course request form.

A new PGR course page can be added by Coursefinder authors or editors in your workflow. They will see a "Create PGR course" link when they select "Coursefinder", then "Courses" from the main menu (on the left) when logging into Coursefinder.