Peer to peer, Bittorrent & network speed

Find out how how fast the wired network connection is in your University Hall of Residence and check out the peer to peer software regulations.

We regulate the speed of the wired residence network to ensure that all users get the same experience regardless of their location.

Across the residence

Connections across the residences are at 100Mbps, so if your connecting to your fellow residents computer (with permission and securely of course) this is the speed you will get.

The network is segmented (broken into sections) across the residences so you may not be able to see your friends computer in different blocks on the same site.

Speed to the Internet

All connections from residences are set at 10Mbps download/10Mbps upload. This may seem a low by comparison but the key here is the lack of “up to”.

Security and blocking

On the residence network we have a number of security devices that protects it from unwanted outside attention but we don’t block any legitimate services from the network such as iPlayer, Skype or online gaming but we do block P2P applications.

P2P applications

Although there are some legitimate uses for P2P applications, the large majority of files transferred breach copyright laws and the University was receiving a large number of cease and desist requests from online security companies. Therefore, we took the decision to block all P2P applications to protect our students and the reputation of the University. 

This includes any games which use P2P technology for their built-in updater. 

If a P2P application is seen on your computer, you will be blocked from the network for a period of two minutes. During this time if you turn off the P2P application, your connection will be restored otherwise you will be blocked for a further two minutes.