Terms and conditions of connectivity to the residence network

There are terms and conditions that everyone who uses computers or devices connected to the residence network must follow.

1. Compliance with Policy

Those using computers connected to the network at the University of Leeds must do so in accordance with the University's policy framework governing such activity.

All users must fully comply with the University's Use of Computer Systems Policy when using any computer connected to any University network.

Access to the Internet is provided by the Joint Academic Network (JANET). All users must abide by the JANET Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) when using any University Network. See the full Acceptable Use Policy here.

2. Additional Rules Relating to the Residence Network

The following Terms & Conditions relate to the usage of computers connected to the residence network. It is the responsibility of each resident to read and comply with these Terms & Conditions.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to periodic review and change by the University. The version of documents on this website supersedes all previous versions. Each resident will be notified by email of any major changes to these Terms & Conditions. Residents are required to familiarise themselves with any changes via the above web address and to fully comply with all requirements.

These Terms & Conditions apply regardless of whether network connection is effected using privately owned equipment, through equipment owned by the University, or via equipment owned by a third party. Compliance with these terms is a condition of continued service provision to any resident by the University.
Responsibility for compliance with these Terms & Conditions resides with each resident, and accountability remains with each resident should they allow others (students and non-students) to breach these Terms & Conditions using network connection facilities made available to them as part of their residence contract.

2.1 Peer to Peer Software

The use of peer to peer file sharing applications for the distribution of copyright protected material is prohibited on all computers connected to the residence network and all such application must be disabled or removed prior to connectivity.

The Internet is 'policed' by agencies who act on behalf of film, television, music and electronic book producers looking for breaches of their clients' copyrights. Where reports are received by the University that a resident has infringed the copyright of the owner it brings the University into disrepute and exposes us, as 'Internet Service Providers', to possible legal action. The resident perpetrating the infringement may also be subject to legal action.

To reduce this exposure the University will monitor the residence network for peer to peer traffic and will automatically suspend the connection of residents whose computers are detected with such software active for a period of 10 minutes.

Residents who are detected with peer to peer applications active on their computers will receive notification that their connection has been suspended along with the reason why. After 10 minutes of the connection being suspended connectivity will be resumed, but the disconnection will immediately be reinstated if the peer to peer software (or any other peer to peer software) is detected as being active. This process will continue until such time as no active peer to peer applications are detected.

Any resident who is detected repeatedly attempting to use peer to peer software may have their network connection suspended in accordance with Section 2.6 whilst disciplinary procedures are initiated.

Peer to Peer applications that are prohibited on the University network include (but not exhaustively):

uTorrent, ABC, Acquisition, Adagio, Aimini network, Aimini P2P, Altnet, Amicima, aMule, ANts P2P, Applejuice, Ares, Ares Galaxy, AsagumoWeb, Audiogalaxy, Avalanche, Azureus, BCDC++, BearShare, BetBug, BitComet, BitSpirit, BitTornado, BitTorrent, BitTorrent.Net, Blubster, Bullguard, ByteTornado, Cabos, CAKE, Caribou, Carracho, Chord, Condor, CoolStreaming, Coral, CSpace, Cybersky-TV, DC++, Dijjer, Direct Connect network, EarthStation5, eDonkey, eDonkey network, eDonkey2000, eDonkey2000, eMule, Entropy, FastTrack, FileScope, FileTopia, FotoSwap, FreeCast, Freenet, FrostWire, G3 Torrent, giFT, Globus, Gnucleus, GNUnet, GNUnet-gtk, Gnutella, Gnutella2, Grokster, Groove, gtk-gnutella, Hamachi, IceShare, iFolder, iGlance, iMesh, iMesh Light, IRC, iSwipe, Joltid, Joltid PeerEnabler, JXTA, Kad Network, Kademlia, Kazaa, Kazaa Lite, KCeasy, Kiwi Alpha, konspire2b, Legion, LimeWire, LiveP2P, LMule, Madster/Aimster, Mammoth, MANOLITO/MP2P, MFPnet, MLDonkey, mlMac, Mnet, MojoNation, Morpheus, MUTE, Napigator, Napshare, Napster, NeoModus Direct Connect, Networks, Octoshape, OmilyX, OpenExt, OpenFT, OpenNap, OpenNapster, Overnet, PeerCast, Peercasting, Peersites, P-Grid, Phex, Piolet, PixVillage, Poisoned, Qnext, QTorrent, RockItNet, Scour, Shareaza, Solipsis, soribada, Soulseek, SPIN, StrongDC++, Swapper, Swarmcast, The Circle, Transmission, Tribler, TrustyFiles, Usenet, Warez P2P, WASTE, WinMX, Winny, WinZO, WPNP, xMule, XoloX, ZEPP, Zultrax

2.2 Responsibility for Security Maintenance

Responsibility for maintaining the effective security of residents' owned/controlled computers attached to the network, by updating service packs, applying security patches and maintaining up to date virus protection software etc., resides with each respective resident. Failure to maintain effective levels of security may result in the suspension of access to the network until proof of sufficient protection is in place.

2.3 Commercial Matters

The resale (or making available to others with or without charge) of network and computing services (for example through hubs, proxy services or wireless facilities) is prohibited.

2.4 University Responsibility & Liability

The University accepts no responsibility for the security of any privately owned or third party computer attached to its network, or any liability for any damage to any such device how so ever caused. This disclaimer also extends to any other network which the University does not provide (including its components) to which private, third party or University equipment may be attached by a resident.

2.5 Suspension or Termination of Services

The IT Director may immediately suspend access to the University network by any resident suspected of contravention of any of these Terms & Conditions. After enquiries, the IT Director may:

  • Reinstate network access;
  • after consultation with the relevant Head of School/Department and the Director of Residential and Commercial Services, continue network suspension for an agreed period, or terminate the contract.

Where a decision is taken to continue the suspension or terminate network connection, the resident concerned has an automatic right of appeal to the Head of Residential Accommodation.

Contravention of any of these conditions also renders the person responsible liable to action under the University's disciplinary procedure as provided in Statute IV.