How to connect to the residence network

You can connect to both the wireless and wired networks.

There should have been a handbook in your room when you arrived that shows you how to connect to the residence network (you can't miss it, its white and orange).

Wired network

There is a data socket in each room either at desk height or attached to the skirting board. If you want to use the wired network you will need to pick up a cable from your site office and then follow in instructions in the handbook.

Note: To authenticate to the wired network, only use your username NOT your email address.

Wireless network

The University wireless network 'eduroam' is available in all University owned residences, the handbook has details on how to connect.

The How do I connect? page has all the information you need to connect but if you are having problems contact the IT Service Desk

Intake Weekend (Sept 17th, 18th)

The IT Service Desk will be open from 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday of intake weekend to help you connect to the network when you first arrive at Leeds.

There will also be IT helpers (in bright green shirts) on campus and across residences if you have a problem.

Help in your room

We can arrange for someone to come to your room in the evening to help out if you want, book an appointment with the IT Service Desk.

Useful services

Laptop loans - Forgotten your computer on campus, borrow one from the University IT Help Desk and its free for short loans.

FixIT laptop repair service - If you have a computing catastrophe, we may be able to help (but there could be a charge). Contact the IT Help Desk for more information.