Policies and rules for halls of residence

Find out about the policies and rules you must follow if you use the network in Halls of Residence.

See Policy and Information Security section of this website for full details of all the polices that apply to your use of the network and University systems, including the Residence Network terms and conditions.

In Brief

  • You must not try to gain unauthorised access to any computer system.
  • You must not do anything which might cause harm of any sort to any computer system anywhere, or to any of the programs or information on any system. You must not allow harm to occur by your negligence.
  • You must not have installed on your computer, any peer to peer applications such as BitTorrent while connecting to the University's network.
  • You must not download, generate, change, make use of, store, print or transmit obscene materials or information, which can reasonably be judged to be inappropriate or offensive. This includes harassment via email or other forms of electronic communication, and the propagation of chain email.
  • You must not download, generate or make use of material, including software, which infringes the copyright of another person or breaches confidentiality undertakings.
  • You should respect that the connection is shared and avoid activity which causes inconvenience to others.
  • No services may be offered from student machines to the outside of the University of Leeds.
  • The University accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to systems or files on any computer attached to the network.

Please consider the other users within your residence when using the network especially at peak time of the year when deadlines and coursework are due.

JANET acceptable usage policy

Internet access is provided by the JANET Academic Network. In order to use this service, you must adhere to the JANET acceptable usage policy (this will take you to an external site.