How to connect to the VPN

It is now possible to use the following generic guidance within the tailored app designed for your device type:

  • Get the Pulse Secure app
  • Open the app
  • Click Add Connection
  • Put in a name that will identify the VPN connection to you
  • Put in a URL of
  • Put in your username (if you wish)
  • If asked leave the certificate as None; the Realm as Blank; the Role as Blank
  • Click Save
  • Click Connect, you may be prompted to accept a server certificate
  • Enter your University username/password
  • You may see a warning pop up, please tick the 'I trust this application' box and OK
  • You are now on the University network
  • Please note that the VPN only encrypts and forwards traffic destined for University resources, the majority of general internet traffic will use your local internet connection and NOT the VPN



Get the Pulse Secure app from the Google Store


Get the Pulse Secure app from iTunes

Mac OS X

Get the Pulse Secure app from the menu on the right

Windows 10

Get the Pulse Secure app from the Windows App Store

Windows 8

Please follow this guidance for using the built in VPN client

Windows 7

Please see this page for more information and installers.