Network and phones unavailable in 171,173 and 169a Woodhouse Lane

We are doing some essential maintenance to the network in 171 Woodhouse Lane.

Saturday 11th August 2018 from 6pm until Sunday 12th August 2018 at 6pm

When is it happening?

6pm Sat 11 August to 6pm Sun 12 August

What is the effect on me?

There will be no network or phone service in the 171 and 173 Woodhouse Lane during this time. Additionally there will be no network in 169a Woodhouse Lane.

You’ll always be able to contact Security Services on 0113 343 2222. If you are responsible for staff, make sure they have a mobile phone available and it has a signal in all the areas they work in. If mobile phones aren’t available, or don’t work, Heads of Schools / Services will need to decide if staff can work in the building / area during this time. The fire alarm system will be unaffected. Remember, if there is a fire, you must report it to security on 32222 or 0113 343 2222.

IT Service Desk, 0113 343 3333